In Maronia, this magical and blessed area of Thrace, where the divine and human elements meet, where every night angels play among the waves, where the sunset is unique, where every visitor feels the energy streaming in the air, where history and mythology combine in a dream world, where endless grounds of vineyards explain the high quality local wine and the ancient theater, the cyclope' s cave, the archaeological sites give away that king Maron once reigned the place among a great ancient civilization.

And then... the port of Agios Charalampos and the village of Maronia with its old houses, the graphical square and the traditional taverns, the old fount and so much more.

All these, along with our deep love for the area, made as choose it to be the place to hold a beautiful guesthouse in a ground of 5000 m2 with a great view of the Thracian sea, Angels home.